Celestial Dancers

Edit (06/06/16): In light of the recent passing of Dr. Klug at UCLA, this project is a dedication to him, his amazing work as a teacher, and the family he talked about so frequently and loved so clearly. Dr. Klug taught me dynamics, engineering programming, and finite element analysis, all of which were utilized in this project […]

Hack Reactor Precourse

I got in to Hack Reactor! I didn’t know how nervous I had been until I finally got the acceptance email. After I gave them my signature and paid my deposit, they filled my inbox with a barrage of rules, suggestions, and assignments. The guidelines for what was expected of me were clearly, both for the space […]

Interview Prep for Hack Reactor

After submitting my application to Hack Reactor (HR) and scheduling my interview over skype, I immediately began to freak out. I had never had a technical coding interview, and I was sure I wouldn’t know enough to pass. I started prepping with HR’s own suggestions. This meant working all the way through CodeAcademy’s javascript course, reading Eloquent […]

Deciding on Coding Bootcamp

Last August I decided to make a big switch and start a life in the wild west that is the tech industry. Mechanical engineering and manufacturing weren’t for me, and I realized the projects I enjoyed the most in college might actually get me paid. There was even a chance I’d get to ride off into […]