The Beer Tusk Successfully Launched on Kickstarter

Today was an exciting day for my very first product! I revamped and redesigned the Beer Tusk for Raging Mammoth, and the Kickstarter reached its goal this morning. The design process was exciting and informative, and the manufacturing process was even more interesting. We worked with a prototyping shop in Southern California as well as an injection molding company in China to bring our product to life.

Here are a couple of the initial designs:

pic 3
First we tried to stick to the original design
Then we tried some more interesting designs

And the final design, after several plastic prototypes were tested until we decided on the Sabertooth:

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 6.50.22 PM
The Sabertooth

And finally, the metal prototype:

Isn’t she beautiful?


I’ve had a wonderful time s working with Raging Mammoth, and I’m excited to continue creating novel and fun products with them.

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