Winning UCLA’s (IDE)A Hardware Hackathon

I had an amazing time this weekend working with Daniel Kurek and Austin Martin at a 36 hour hackathon put on by UCLA IEEE. We built a prototype of an idea called the Lightning Band – a wristband that changes colors based on the velocity of your wrist. In its current state, it is ideal for wearing at nightclubs, sporting events, concerts, or anywhere else you want to show your colors and move your body. In the future, this band will be able to communicate with other bands in ways your phone can’t. It will provide an easy method to ensure your group stays together in big crowds, and it will make sure that your child doesn’t wander too far away.

Our prototype and our presentation won us first place out of over 125 entrants, along with prizes from Pebble and Jabra. We look forward to putting more work into the Lightning Band in the near future!

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