Hack Reactor Precourse

I got in to Hack Reactor! I didn’t know how nervous I had been until I finally got the acceptance email.

After I gave them my signature and paid my deposit, they filled my inbox with a barrage of rules, suggestions, and assignments. The guidelines for what was expected of me were clearly, both for the space I would be working in and what would be required to successfully learn the material. HR had said the pace would be fast, and they weren’t joking.

Building upon my knowledge from Eloquent and CodeAcademy, the precourse material had me work through more online courses on HTML, CSS, and advanced Javascript. They had me re-implement much of underscore.js, a useful library of functions created so that people like me don’t have to re-implement underscore.js. I got to explore the depths of the Mozilla Developers Network and became intimately familiar with Stack Overflow, both of which are havens of knowledge when you are constantly asking yourself, “Why isn’t this working?” The learning process was perpetually frustrating, but peppered into the hours of despair were occasional brilliant victories that gave me just enough hope to believe that I really could become a software engineer.

Hack Reactor’s last big assignment was to build a twitter-clone that made its own random tweets. Twittler pulled from all of my new skills and even a bit of jQuery, a powerful tool that can help every level of web developer.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 8.59.31 AM
No, those aren’t real tweets

Finally, I could build a (really basic) website! I was shocked by how much I was able to learn on my own, but it helped to have the best resources picked out and a system to hold me accountable. I had a couple weeks of down time before the course started, so I decided to pick up a slightly more ambitious project called Overtimer, and you can take a look at it in the Tools section.

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