Machining the Spool

I’m currently machining the adaptor plates that attach the sprocket and the brake to the spool. I’ve done all of the work for these parts on the lathe in UCLA’s student machine shop, but because of the tolerance requirements for the bolt holes, I’ll be sending them to UCLA’s pro shop to get CNC’d. The […]

FSAE Spool Assembly

Spool Assembly This is the full spool assembly for the UCLA formula racing team. The sprocket, brake disk, bearings and external tripods were purchased separately, but I designed and am currently building the spool cylinder and the adaptor plates that connect the sprocket and brake to the rest of the driveline. I was also responsible […]

Intro to Manufacturing Class

In Spring 2013 I took the Intro to Manufacturing class at UCLA, which covered many different manufacturing techniques. I learned about casting, molding, forming, machining, and joining, as well as nanoscale, electronics   and additive manufacturing. As a final project, I created a miniature chair in UCLA’s machine shop using a lathe, mill, and a Mazak CNC.

Affordable Touchscreen Project

In this exciting project Gabe Joseph (right) and I (left) researched, designed and built desk sized touch screens. We were able to make the screens with precision to about 1mm by wiring a network of infrared lasers in parallel to shine across the screen surface. The demonstration software is third party, but all the hardware […]